Saturday, October 3, 2009

Laughing With/At Me

So many of you, my readers, probably already know of a new blog my girlfriend (though I'm not too sure about the friend part) began called "Things Tony Says And Does". Here is a little background.

My girlfriend thinks I'm funny. Not in the good way. She laughs at me instead of with me. So one day (I think it was Thursday) she thought out loud, "I need a new project. Hmmmm, how about a blog making fun of you every chance I get?!"

...I may be paraphrasing.

It started with the first post, of me trying to slaughter an enormous fly, but really she's been at it a long while. There probably hasn't been a week since we've been together that she didn't blab to a friend of something 'stupid' I did.

So when she proposed the blog, I actually thought it would be fun. After the first couple of posts I started to have doubts.

"What if people start thinking I'm weird and don't want to hang out with me because of my lack of Spanish skills or that I can't 'curb my own enthusiasm'?!"

Then she told me that she linked this blog on hers. Not to help me out or anything, just as proof that I'm exactly as she describes. Touche, she does have a point. I'm not exactly hiding my insane behavior.

So, I've decided to be even MORE strange and bizarre!! (Hehe, let's see if she likes that!) For your own enjoyment I will make it my goal to step on more rakes, get caught in racist situations, try unusual methods for disposing of old fruit, and getting in fights with complete strangers over my place in line at the butcher counter!

Have a laugh...on my behalf! (I'm soooo sweet.)

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  1. Oh man, my blog readers are going to looooove this.