Wednesday, September 30, 2009


That's supposed to be 'money' in musical form, as in the song by Pink Floyd on their iconic album Dark Side of the Moon.

I was on teh intarwebs today and decided to catch up on the IMDB. Apparently I missed that Michael Moore made another film, and it's quasi big news. The film is entitled "Capitalism: A Love Story" and embarks on a quest to find out what happened with the economy and why we are so f#$%ed! ( I censored this on my Dad's behalf)

While I'm sure it's a well done documentary, in so far that it will be entertaining and mildly informative, I was sort of peeved with the trailer and a clip I saw from Jay Leno's new NOT the Tonight Show. You can see it there with the clip from the film, just skip over Michael Moore singing (or your brain will melt within your skull and leak out your ears!).

In the clip he goes from business to business, bank to bank in a (borrowed? rented? who cares) Brinks armored truck, asking for the bailout money back so that he can give it to the American people. This is beyond retarded and just a little sad. He's not making a point (and if he's trying to then it's a BIG sad). He's just trying to make the bad guy (banks being bailed out) look even worse by refusing to give some fat guy in a baseball cap billions of dollars that he promises to take back to the US treasury. I don't get it.

Before I continue, I don't disagree with Michael Moore. In fact I think the bailouts are a greater show of stupidity by our government than the legislative equivalent of driving a railroad spike through your head because you have an itch. It's just the way he's showing it.

It's insulting to everyone. To me, to him, to the American public, everyone! We can't be shown numbers and charts because that's too boring so the only way we will get up off our asses and do something is to get unnecessarily pissed off at the people getting these bailouts.

Of course they won't give him the money! Of course they'll tell him to get out! He's a fat asshole! If he came to my house, I'd probably call the cops too. Not because I thought he was going to ask for money to give back to the American people. Mostly because I would have no idea why Michael Moore was visiting me, other than he was hungry and wanted to eat me.

Low and behold, his little trailer did make me think a bit (and write this blog), and I did some calculations myself. According to CNNs "bailout tracker", which as far as I can tell is monitoring everything that's being reported by the government concerning economic bailouts of any kind, we (the US government) are bailing out a total of............................11.....TRILLION....cents..NO...DOLLARS!!!

(That's the link above)

America's population is just under 305 million. If you took that 11 trillion and distributed evenly (we probably wouldn't, since there are quite a few folks out there who don't need it but would definately put it back into the economy) to those 305 million Americans, it would be $36,000/person!!!! Again thats for every man, woman, AND child so there are some kinks to work out. But come on, wouldn't that stimulate the economy better? And since those companies that suck are going under, that money would be supporting the businesses left who had their stuff together. Supporting good and punishing the bad. Of course, really we shouldn't be giving this money out in the first place (I'm a libertarian) but we live in an imperfect world.

Enough ranting for one day......Michael Moore sucks!!

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