Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Don't Mess With Geeks

I came across a story today that I found, well, awesome. Before I get into it though, a bit of background of why this story is so awesome to me.

I'm a day dreamer. By day dreamer I mean I have fantasies play out in my head while I'm awake, so they can be in the day, afternoon, evening, or even night. With that rationale they should be called wake dreams instead....ya, I 'wake dream' a lot.

As an example: I'm walking down a street by myself and there is a group of thugish guys standing around. I see a young girl walking on the opposite side of the street and the guys start to cat call at her. Here is where my day dream starts.....

The guys move over to her and start to harass her further and she begins to call out in distress. I'm walking by and calmly ask the guys to stop and leave her alone. To which they say "What are you gonna do about it asshole?!"


And I headbutt the first guy in face, breaking his noise and rendering him unconscious. The other two come at me with knives, but I catch one of the guys hands, pull his arm forward, and break his elbow backward over my shoulder. The last guy lunges at me only to find his friend being flung at him as I roll him over my shoulder. With all of them beaten and broken on the ground, I pick up my bag and start to walk away. The young girl runs up behind me and asks me to wait, wanting to know my name. I look over my shoulder and say, "Just a good samaritan."

At this point I've already passed by the group and of course nothing happened, but one can dream. This guy in the story actually lived it.

At Johns Hopkins University, a group of undergrad students had some electronics stolen from their apartment. Some days later, one of the students heard something going on downstairs and after noticing the garage pried open he became wary and investigated further. Now when you think there is a robber on the premises you generally want some protection....so he grabbed a samurai sword. Being a geek, he had one. He found someone trying to take their PS3 and once discovered the perp lunged at him. He defended himself by slashing at the perp cutting off his hand and MORTALLY wounding him in the chest! Ya, he killed the guy with a samurai sword. The last person in maybe 150 years to kill someone with a samurai sword...is a Johns Hopkins undergrad student. Wow.

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