Friday, September 4, 2009

Quack = PWNED

Ok, if you live in Oregon and/or are from Oregon you eventually fall into one of two camps: Oregon State Beavers or University of Oregon Ducks. Now because my girlfriend and her family have always been U of O Duck fans, that's who I lean towards (even though my blood is burnt orange and will never be anything but a Longhorn). But after yesterday's events, I can officially say when it comes time for picking sides in the Civil War game, I won't even hesitate to quack.

For those of you who don't follow sports, or don't own a television, or have access to the internet, or live under a rock, Oregon played Boise State in their football season opener yesterday. After the Duck's crushing loss, defensive end Byron Hout made some offensive remarks to Oregon running back LaGarrette Blount. Apparently it was bad enough that Blount thought Hout (it's weird their names are similar) should take a seat on the turf and think about what he said. Seeing as how Hout was not going to listen to reason and calmly do that, Blount was forced to suckerpunch him to the ground.

You can check it out here:

Wasn't that badass!?! It sucks that the guy was suspended for the WHOLE season! I understand you can't tolerate that sort of behavior, and since they aren't getting paid to play (sort of) you can't really fine him (unless he's taken to court), but the whole season?! How about half? I mean he's their star running back and more than that, I wanna see him play the second half of the season with the opposing team afraid that he's gonna deck them at any given moment!

I mean how cool would that be that he rushes for say 7 yards, then gets up from the pile and motions like he's going to hit the guy who tackled him. Then the next run he goes for 12. Then 15. Pretty soon people are afraid to look at him cause they think he snuck a gun into the stadium and the line just hikes the ball straight to him.

Another thing that pisses me off by that suspension, if Hout didn't drop like a skirt at a Prince concert, then he would've had maybe a 3 game suspension tops. Not only that, why shouldn't there be fighting? It's an intergal part of hockey and the sport still seems to be doing ok. Even more than hockey, these guys are supposed to hit each other. When you have THAT much testosterone and THAT much physical contact it's actually miraculous there isn't a fight like that every quarter, much less every season!

I say fighting should be a yellow card offense, to meld two different referee styles. Since in soccer you would get red carded immediately and in hockey it would be only a 5 minute penalty, why not make it yellow card offense and if they get another one then they're gone for the game. Or better yet, if they fight then they can't come back till that series is over (we'll make it both offense and defense series). I would start watching pro football more regularly if they did that and also some college games that I don't give a shit about. Hell I might even consider getting that ESPN college game pass or whatever that gives you like 60 more games just to see some lower division schools duke it out, cause they know they're not going to get anywhere near the NFL.

Well, here's to dreamin'. And go Blount!

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