Thursday, August 20, 2009

No Imagination

This is something that I've never really understood, how some people hate how fictional things are soooo fake.

To try and better explain this specific, let's call it a personality disorder, I use this analogy:

It's similar to hating music because it's so musical.

Ok not the best of analogies I agree, but I'm really at my wits end with this one because it really....doesn't....make...sense!

The first encounter I had with this problem was during the time of the third prequel to Star Wars. I (of course) was very excited about the film coming out and was discussing it with some people when my friend's boyfriend said, "I just hate how it's so fake. I mean come on laser swords and weird jumping robots?"

.....uh, what? He didn't say "I don't like the plot" or "the technology isn't that interesting" or even "the special effects look lame", his problem was that he couldn't believe something like a lightsaber could exist!

When writing a story of fiction the subject matter is usually fictional and thereby not real. The question of whether or not it's believable is irrelevant because IT by nature is unbelievable!

After this thought process, I concluded that I had heard him wrong and was merely misinterpreting him and that there was a logical explanation for his statement. Alas, there was not. He simply could not fathom the idea of a lightsaber, talking robots, or beyond light travel and therefor thought the entire thing was dumb. I'm sure he finds dragons and wizards rediculous too. How can someone hate a work of fiction because of it's fictional subject? I suppose this is the same reason that racsim and bigotry exist.

In conclusion, if you hate Star are a racist bigot!

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