Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Bit of Geek for You Guv'na?

Like I said when I started this blog, it's not really about geeky stuff, that's just a name. But since I haven't actually blogged about anything in the geeksphere recently I thought I'd put this bit in here.

I am a gamer. Most of my friends know this. I am also a sucker for gimmicky sales ploys and advertisement. It's not that I'm gullible or have some weird shopping disorder, I just appreciate when advertisers and marketing works. One could make the argument that advertising/marketing is an art form that takes a level of creativity which is higher than composing a symphony. There is form and structure to it just as you would have in a symphony, but it must always be changing at such a rapid pace in order to dupe the masses that what you do one day will be obsolete the next.

Anywho, I came across this today. A game series (which I love) called Call of Duty (CoD to fans and people in the know) is scheduled to release its newest title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 this November. For those of you who don't know the series, this is the 6th installment in the series following it's very successfull CoD World at War, which takes place during WWII. While most of the CoD series takes place during one of the World Wars, Modern Warfare is exactly what you would expect from its title, taking place during modern times.

With every major game that comes out there is always the regular game that you can purchase, and then there is the collector's edition. While most collector editions hardly seem worth spending an extra $20, $30, or as much $100 extra, some give you really cool and unique stuff to show off to your jealous friends and make you the coolest kid on your block. I've bought my fair share of collector's editions but I've never seen anything like this....and I want it!!

CoD Modern Warfare 2 has three editions: the regular, collector's, and prestige edition. The prestige edition contains everything that the collector's edition has (artbook, metal case, blah) with one huge difference.....NIGHT VISION GOGGLES!!! Ya, you heard me, night vision goggles. Now these aren't military grade or anything but come on, you can see in the friggin' dark! I'm curious as to how well they work but that's not the point. The guys at Activision actually came up with something that I would actually pay extra. Now I can persue my with greater ease one of my favorite hobbies, bat watching! I just love those creepy flying rodents.
Now you may be thinking, "Jeez Tony, how much is this amazing product going to cost and how can effectively sell my possesions to pay for this in a failing economy?" Well miss (cause a girl would've said that) you don't really have to break the bank on this, it's only $150! That's still really expensive but not as much as you'd think given that there are ... FRIGGIN' NIGHT VISION GOGGLES INCLUDED!! Aaaah, just think of all the stalking you could do and even the energy you'd save at night cause you can get around without the need for light! That kinda rhymed, I think I'll end it there. Go reserve your copy today while they last!!
Here is a video of the prestige edition being unboxed:

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