Monday, October 12, 2009

For All The Ladies...

The evidence is there, so I've suspected it for a long time, but somehow I always knew.

For those of you who aren't in the 'know', or for those of you who don't read 'The Mercury', here is the article....

Using scientific evidence and sophisticated techniques of reasoning and deduction, the Phd researchers and Nobel Prize winning sociologists have found out that Germans make the worst lovers and .... Spaniards are the best. My last name is Fernandez, and though at times I claim the Mexican flag, my true linage would best be described as Spanish.

I know that even as I write this, many of you ladies are trying to find me via Google, friends, relatives, and any other way they can. The rumors are true. All the stereotypes and hype about us is, well, sadly true. I say sadly, because it is a burden to live with such gifts. As Peter Parker's father once said, "With great power comes great responsiblity". I am responsible for the happiness of all the women of the world. I will do what I can.

.....just kidding darlin', you're the only one for me. Please don't leave me.

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  1. Hello love. Um, hi there. So, um, yeah. Interesting blog today. Verrryyyy interesting. Um, we need to talk.